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WWME Section 10

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Section 10
Serving Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico

We were approached by one area (Dallas Fort Worth East Texas) of the Marriage Encounter of the Gulf Coast (“Section 10”), to assist them with a new website. After we gained an understanding of WWME and its mission and structure, and WWME Section Leadership learned about eWebLife’s capabilities, the scope of this project expanded from a website for one area, to a template website design for the section and each of its areas, as well as tools to enable online application and payment for weekends, donations, and communications.   We are currently hosting websites for Section 10 and each of its areas.

The website design considered client input and guidelines which included:
  • Use elements of the national website (e.g., blue bar, logo) based on the requests of the National team
  • Allow local “branding” to enable the section and each area to identify itself (see examples below)
  • Incorporate design elements desired by the section website committee
  • Enable dynamic feeds of events
  • Enable web based weekend applications and donations

We refer to this as a “custom template” as it was designed to WWME specifications as a template for WWME Section 10 as well as other clients or and if desired, other WWME sections and areas.  To assist WWME is populating each of its websites we created a website content cloning feature.  This allowed WWME to populate one of their websites with content, eWebLife to clone the content to each additional website, so that local leadership could easily modify content as needed to address local needs, significantly reducing the time to populate content on each area site.

Section 10 Website: www.wwme-section10.org

Areas within Section 10:


WWME  - United States & Canada

We were contacted by the 2014 North American Convention Team about developing a website for the convention.  Their needs included a website in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French and Korean) that included features including online registration for the convention and convention news feeds.    After discussion, they decided to adopt the template created for Section 10.  Currently they have launched the English and Spanish sites as they await the French and Korean translations. With each site, we are using the same “cloning technique” created for Section 10, to allow the translator to translate page by page, within the content management system.     The sites are using our RSVP tools for couple and priest registrations and payments (including conference fees, Youth Program fees, Food, Convention Shirts, Transportation and Community Housing Requests), news sign ups, housing volunteers and email sign ups.   The RSVP’s for the convention are complex. We evaluated using either our eCommerce system or our RSVP tools – and it was opted by WWME to use the RSVPs to best meet their needs.

The 2016 North American Convention is now using this site for the 2016 convention, taking advantage of the integrated email marketing to the 2014 participants and building for future events. 

Visit the 2015 North American Convention Website.


We excited to say that we have been recently hired to do a new website for the Worldwide Marriage Encounter site for the US and Canada.

The national site is a mobile responsive site that addresses the new Google mobile friendly standards. Click here to learn more about this site.  Click here to view the new site.