People Relationship Manager

The PRM is the heart of eWebLife, providing you with core people management tools including contact management, leads tracking, online applications, group mail and events.



The PRM for Mentoring

eMentorLife helps streamline the mentor mentee match process to reduce the Mentor and Mentee "shelf life" and providing tools to manage the Mentor/Mentee relationships.



PRM for Volunteering

Providing the tools to make volunteer management more efficient and increases the satisfaction of volunteers while fostering the giving of time and talent.



Acheiving Your Goals

One key to success for many non profits is a successful fundraising and giving of time and talent.  eGivingLife gives you the tools to increase donations, and enhance donor information management. 


Event Management

With Ease

Do you host conferences, fundraisers  or other paid or free events?    Do you need a way to invite people to attend and to manage the event attendance? eWebLife provides flexible tools for event management.



Building Connections

Are you an association, chamber or other organization that has members? Our Membership Management module, eMembershipLife, may be the right thing for you!



Newsletters & Group Communications

eConnectLife is focused on providing flexible tools to meet the growing communications needs of businesses and organizations.  It can be augmented by the PRM Group Mail Tools.




Providing information on your website drives web traffic and ultimately leading to increased sales of your products and services, increase in your memberships, etc.  eResources is a flexible tool to enable public and private resources.



Enabling Web Sales

Whether your primary business is to sell products online, or it is just an additional service or revenue stream for your organization, eWebLife's eCommerce system may be the right fit for you.



Simplifying Revenue Collection

Get customer invoices out and get paid quickly. Let customers pay online and view their payments, improving customer satisfaction and cutting down on time answering phone queries.



Hire Right

eWebLife's PRM provides "end to end" job process from the online applications, automated references, to approval/denial of the applicant, simplifying the hiring process.



Connecting People

Combing the power of PHPBB with eWebLife, we have are providing membership organizations with both members only and non-member Forums.



To Educate - To Grow

Websites can help expand your revenue through sales of products, tickets or donations, expand your customer and contact databases, reduce costs, and help automate your business processes.   With eWebLife, we integrate your website and back end technology to make it seamless.



SEO - Branding

Marketing, Branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key to success for For-Profit and Not-for-Profit organizations. Learn how eWebLife can help get you connected with customers, prospects, members, volunteers, mentors and more.


Merchant Services

Simplifying Payments

If you plan on doing online payment (eCommerce, tickets, membership, donations) then you will need a merchant account and the  payment gateway.  We work with to provide secured payments with ease.