A Comprehensive Solution

WebLife is a comprehensive solution built upon our PRM - People Relationship Manager: a powerful new breed of software that builds upon the existing concepts of CRM - Customer Relationship Management.

A distinctive strength of eWebLife is its configurability; recognizing that every organization is unique, eWebLife is completely configurable - to define your own application forms and processes, person types, levels of access (who can do what), etc. eWebLife's PRM is currently being utilized to capture and track volunteers, mentors, mentees, caregivers, hospice patients, employees and prospective recruits and clients - a tribute to how this configurable tool meets the needs of diverse organizations.  Clients can select from a variety of Modules to configure our PRM to best meet their needs. 

The Challenge

Technology is constantly changing. As a result, how we do business, or can do business, continually changes.  Are you utilizing technology to enable your company to reach more customers?  Have you implemented systems that enable more efficient and effective operations?  Do your systems improve the quality of service and information that you provide to your customers and business partners?  Do your systems increase your business risk, or help you manage it?
Ecommerce, enterprise application solutions and "social" networking, can be key to the success of your company. If technology is critical in achieving business success, technology needs to be an integral part of your company or organizations strategy.  Not a separate IT effort, but a joint effort of business and technology leaders driving to a cohesive business strategy, linking the benefits of technology to business success, evaluating and mitigating risk to an acceptable level, and developing careful plans to maximize your return on investment. 

Yet technology costs, and the costs can be high.  Therefore technological direction needs to be carefully evaluated and managed to determine and control the costs, benefits, and risks to your company.  

People Relationship Manager (PRM)

eWebLife provides a comprehensive solution that includes the public facing website, with a web portal for admins to manage their organization, as well as enable their "people" to connect with them. Our websites are fully integrated with other eWebLife Modules.  
Keeping track of people information and effectively managing people in this highly distributed world is getting harder and harder. Recognizing that organizations have "people" needs that go beyond their customers and employees - such as volunteers, mentors, and donors, eWebLife is a robust platform that addresses these needs seamlessly. eWebLife provides complete "people management" from entry (web applications) through customizable workflows, such as leads tracking, volunteer clearance, mentor approval and matching, and supervisory reporting. As a web portal, it provides a means to enable your "people" to access the information they need remotely and keep their information up to date. It features flexible email tools, productivity tools, activity and time tracking, people availability and capabilities (skills and interests), and much more. eWebLife is delivered from a secured web based infrastructure.


eWebLife provides a comprehensive solution that includes the public facing website, with a web portal for admins to manage thier organization, as well as enable thier "people" to connect with them. Our websites are fully integrated with other eWebLife Modules.
eWebLife works with customers to define website requirements to meet your organizational strategy.  Once defined, we work with clients to determine the best approach to build your website. While we can develop full end-to-end custom solutions, our eWebLife custom websites can be fully integrated into our SaaS services, taking advantage of a SaaS platform to provide full features at a reasonable cost, helping you manage and stay connected with your "people” (e.g., employees, recruits, customers, contacts, volunteers). In addition, we can integrate our websites with your existing systems through web services. Integration with our SAAS services or your existing systems reduces or eliminated redundant data and data entry while saving you time and money.

For those who do not need a custom website solution, we have a limited number of template websites that can fully integrate with our SAAS solutions.


Email can be a powerful tool for connecting groups of people: business-to-business, business-to-customer, team members, etc. But it's clear that one approach to communications does not satisfy all needs. eConnectLife is focused on providing a flexible tool to meet the growing communications needs of businesses and organizations.
Whether you want to increase your virtual marketing, are looking to connect groups of people, or need a way to keep all of your diverse groups of individuals informed with ease and consistency, our PRM's Group Mail tool and eConnectLife module provide a web-based solution that meets the growing communications needs of organizations today with both email and text options.


Marketing, Branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key to success for For-Profit and Not-for-Profit organizations. Learn how eWebLife can help get you connected with customers, prospects, members, volunteers, mentors and more.
Like technology, how we market is constantly changing. Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other social and business networks are just one way that businesses and organizations have refocused their marketing strategies. From logo creation and branding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and viral networks, eWebLife can help you brand and grow your organization.  In addition, eWebLife offers our eConnectLife service which enables marketing communications to your people.