11/20/2018 11:00 am

New eRecord Features

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Join us to learn about eWebLife's enhanced eRecords Module.  

eRecords enables clients to create “searchable records or databases”, such as a library of articles, technical documentation, or a recipe collection, with features that include:
  • Build custom database records
  • Search records (quick or advanced search)
  • Filter records by category
  • Customize search results display
  • Submission of records for inclusion in your database from your website or PRM (auto approved or admin approved).
eRecords  has been enhanced to include the following optional features: 
  • A blog format for displaying new records on your Website or PRM
  • A listing of most recent records with links to view the records
  • User Rating of Records (Single rating or scale of 1 to 5)
  • Commenting on Records (auto or admin approved)
  • Liking of Comments 
  • Enhanced display of Record search results 
To learn more about the eRecords Module and its new features sign up now for one of our webinars.

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