02/19/2018 11:00 am

Release 5.0 of eWebLife - RSVP

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Learn about some of the new RSVP Features of eWebLife Release 5.0 including:

  • Admin Only RSVP Fields:  We added Admin Only RSVP fields, to allow Admins to add information to a RSVP (e.g., the hotel arranged for a Speaker, special requirements for a attendee). 
  • RSVP Reporting:  We have created the ability to create report types and then assign these types to an event. Then admins can run RSVP reports from the RSVP  area, simplifying the running of RSVP reports.
  • Custom RSVP URLs:  When linking to a RSVP from your eWebLife Calendar, currently it takes you to the PRM to  sign up.  If you would like to keep the people on your website, you can embed the RSVP onto your webpage, and then add that URL to the RSVP. Then it will link the calendar event to that URL to register.
  • Group Signups:  We have added the option for  enabling group signups.  When registering, registrants can opt to be a Group Leader, a group participant, or sign up at large.  If signing up as a group leader, you can opt to pay for additional attendees. The Group Leader will get a promo code to send to  their invitees.  
  • Free for Select Groups and PTs:  You can set up select groups and person types to get free attendance to an event.  They must login and if in a "free" group and Person Type, their registration will be complimentary. 
  • Assignment(s): We have added a system to allow people and admings to assign a role to people and then allow admins to assign people at the event, such as to table(s), group(s), location(s).  
  • First Time Attendee:  If you would like to track who is a first time attendee to one of your events, you can now do so. If you are client that has run previous events, please contact us before using this feature. 
  • Show My Information to Other Attendees:  Currently you can select what RSVP fields can be displayed to other logged in attendees, so they can see who is attending and connect with them in advance. Now people can opt of ouf their information from showing to other logged in attendees.
  • Cancellations and Refunds:  We aree now providing the facility to document if a refund, or a cancellation and refund (full or partial) is given. Refunds will be reflected in the Projected Income shown in the RSVP Summary.

Time:  11  - 12 Central Time.

The Event page contains the description, date and time of the event, which was created either by the Administrator or Basic User.

The Administrators can edit and delete the Event as well as download it to the PC.
The Administrators cancreate and configure events using Admin - Events page.