09/20/2017 11:00 am

Event Management

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Sign up now for an introduction on how to use eWebLife to manage your events.

Do you host seminars, conferences, fundraisers  or other events that you need to enable online purchases?    Do you host free events that you need people to sign up for?  Do you need a way to invite people to attend and to manage the event attendance?  eWebLife's RSVP and Event Payment processes may be the right answer for you!

Join us to learn how to use eWebLife for event management. 

Time:  11  - 12 Central Time.

The Event page contains the description, date and time of the event, which was created either by the Administrator or Basic User.

The Administrators can edit and delete the Event as well as download it to the PC.
The Administrators cancreate and configure events using Admin - Events page.