We are excited to announce the latest release of eWebLife - Version 5.0.  This release is packed with new enhancements!  Here is an overview of the new features in release 5.0 of eWebLife. 

Ease of Navigation

  1. Recent Links:  Adding onto "Favorite Links" launched last year, you can now access your "Recent Links" for ease of navigating back to recently visited pages. If click on the ">>" at the far left of the Recent Links Menu, it will pull up to 50 of your most recent links. To turn on recent links, go to My Information > Settings > Profile and Edit your settings. 
  2. Advanced Search: Authorized administrators will now be able to use our advanced search feature for the PRM, Organizations, Events, RSVPs, Volunteering, eGiving and eMembership, to quickly access the record you  are looking for.
  3. Customize Your Dashboard:  If you are not interested seeing certain dashboard features, or would like to reorder them, check out My Information > Setting > Dashboard to set your preferences.
  4. Profile and Passwords:  We have added quick links to edit your profile and password in the PRM.

Payments Related Options

  1. Batches:  You can now enable batching of all financial transactions.  Batches for Credit and Debit transactions are automatically generated.  You can track payments by batch, and see revenue types (RSVP, Donation, Membership, Invoice) by batch as well. 
  2. Non-logged in Payments:  We have implemented a new process - Direct Post Method  (DPM) that will allow for non-logged in payments for RSVP's for events, as well as donations.  DPM will also allow use of a one time credit card for these transactions.  To use this new feature, you need to sign up for the Direct Post Method on Authorize.net, and once approved, create your MD5 Signature Key and provide to us.   Once done you will see the option to allow DPM Payments in all RSVP's and Donation Campaigns.  Please note, if you want to embed your payment forms on your website, you will need to purchase a SSL Certificate and coordinate with use to install the  certificate (if you payment processing is on your portal, a SSL is not required as it is covered by eWebLife's SSL). 

Connections and Activities

  1. Activities:  Provide a consolidated view of person of activities (e.g., Applications, RSVPs, Volunteering, Donations, and Pledges with their most recent activity, with links to all activities. 
  2. Adding Relationships:  Relationships can now be displayed in the person profile page, as well as added from the person profile page, where you you now have the option to "Add Related Person or add relationship.  Add relationship works as today, but add related person will auto-fill select key fields (e.g., last name, home phone and address) in the related person, to simplify the process (any auto-filled field can be changed).  
  3. Soft and Joint Donors:  You can now set soft and joint donors, and Joint Addressing name for joint donors.
  4. Communications Tab:  In addition to the persons mail  log, there is now an option to display a communications tab with most communications, including system generated ones. This will allow you to verify if communications went out to a person. 
  5. Custom Tables: We are beta testing some custom tables to display information such as donation in the last 5 years, Number of Events Attended, Last Event Date, and Membership Level and Status). 
  6. Audit Log:  We now have a log of person record changes. This shows changes to their profile record, as well as group and person type changes, recording who made the change, as well as the old and new content of the field. In addition, we have an audit log of changes to Organizations, as well as RSVP settings. 

Rich Text Editor (RTE) and File Uploads

  1. RTE:  We hae upgraded our Rich Text Editor.  You will now see a different view when adding notes, which should enhance formatting. Please note, many browsers now block the "Paste" options. If your browser does block its use, when you click on the paste icon you will see instructions in a box on how to paste text into the RTE (e.g., Ctrl + V, Ctrl + Shift +V) to paste it.  
  2. Uploading Images, including Profile Pictures:  We  have added a new file up-loader. When you see a file upload button, it will allow you to upload one or more files at a time, showing the progress of each file added.  When uploading images with the file upload button, you will no longer need to resize the picture before uploading.  You will be able to drag and drop an image in, or upload an image. Once added you can drag corners to frame resize the frame (based on sizing of the specific area), use "+" symbol to zoom in and "-" symbol to zoom out and drag the box to select the area of the image to use.  Please note, adding images with the RTE and Website CMS does not use this feature. 
  3. Adding Video: You will see a past embedded video (e.g., Vimeo, YouTube) option icon. This is currently not functional, but we will work on getting this live soon. You can still embed videos as before.

  1. Admin Only RSVP Fields:  We added Admin Only RSVP fields, to allow Admins to add information to a RSVP (e.g., the hotel arranged for a Speaker, special requirements for a attendee). 
  2. RSVP Reporting:  We have created the ability to create report types and then assign these types to an event. Then admins can run RSVP reports from the RSVP  area, simplifying the running of RSVP reports.
  3. Custom RSVP URLs:  When linking to a RSVP from your eWebLife Calendar, currently it takes you to the PRM to  sign up.  If you would like to keep the people on your website, you can embed the RSVP onto your webpage, and then add that URL to the RSVP. Then it will link the calendar event to that URL to register.
  4. Group Signups:  We have added the option for  enabling group signups.  When registering, registrants can opt to be a Group Leader, a group participant, or sign up at large.  If signing up as a group leader, you can opt to pay for additional attendees. The Group Leader will get a promo code to send to  their invitees.  
  5. Free for Select Groups and PTs:  You can set up select groups and person types to get free attendance to an event.  They must login and if in a "free" group and Person Type, their registration will be complimentary. 
  6. Assignment(s): We have added a system to allow people and admins to assign a role to people and then allow admins to assign people at the event, such as to table(s), group(s), location(s).  
  7. First Time Attendee:  If you would like to track who is a first time attendee to one of your events, you can now do so. If you are client that has run previous events, please contact us before using this feature. 
  8. Show My Information to Other Attendees:  Currently you can select what RSVP fields can be displayed to other logged in attendees, so they can see who is attending and connect with them in advance. Now people can opt of ouf their information from showing to other logged in attendees.
  9. Cancellations and Refunds:  We aree now providing the facility to document if a refund, or a cancellation and refund (full or partial) is given. Refunds will be reflected in the Projected Income shown in the RSVP Summary. 


  1. Donate with Paid Events:  We have added an option to allow your people to donate when paying for an event.  You can pick the eGiving Campaign that the donations are applied to, by event. 
  2. COGS: Track the COGS for events and invoices, providing deductible amounts for  Charitable events.
  3. Multiple Postings:  Ability to post multiple donations at one time.  
  4. Soft Donations:  Track Soft Donations (e.g., donations made on behalf of a person by a foundation) on a persons record, to  be able to see the persons overall contributions.
  5. Joint Donations: You can set Joint Donors, linking 2 person records, to prepare a joint statement.
  6. Solicitors:  Ability to select Solicitors for Donors to track their progress, and then also override the default Solicitor, if desired.


  1. Portal Color:  You can now set custom portal colors for your portal - to match your logo and organizational theme. To do this go to  Admin -> Configuration -> [Manage] Organization ->  Portal Color.
  2. Custom System Ids:  You can now set Custom IDs for People and Organizations. These IDs are sequential numbers, based on your selected start number.  This will allow you to search by ID in advanced search, use this custom system ID in emails and letters, and then post donations and add people to RSVP's searching by ID. 
  3. Person Name Formatting in Portal: You can select your preferred display format for names in the portal (i.e., First Name Last Name; Last Name, First Name).  

Custom Fields and Groups

  1. Contingent Fields:  We have added the ability to add contingent fields.  This will allow you to, for example, add a question to an application form or RSVP, and based on the answer provided, collect additional information. 
  2. Tiered Groups:  We have added the ability to set up tiered groups. This can be used to set up hierarchal organizations (e.g. the country is divided into 4 regions, and each region has areas, each area has teams). Tiered groups provide many benefits including for reporting, security, and email marketing. 


  1. RSVP Reporting: See above the RSVP section above to learn about running reports from RSVP. To use this feature, you need to enable (in Security) Reports (Beta) and Report Types and then assign report types to each RSVP.
  2. Reporting (Beta) Elastic Search:  Our larger clients were experiencing long delays in running reports.  By using an Elastic Search process, all data is indexed so that reports will run faster.   We encourage all clients to turn on Elastic Search (Reporting) and start to use it. All of your existing reports will appear in the new Reporting (Beta).  Note our Reporting (Legacy) will be maintained until for the near term).  Please note, it can take up to 15 minutes for  newly added data to  be indexed! In addition,  Please note, we need to index client data for the new reporting to work. We will notify you when your data is indexed!  
  3. Relationship Reporting:  We have added reporting by relationships to enable you to pull reports of related people. 
  4. Reporting by Group and PT:  We have added the ability to produce reports to group by Group and Person Type, with counts of the number of people within the Groups and PT's.

Please sign up for our webinars to learn more about these great new features.