eWebLife's Newest Release

eWebLife is happy to announce that we have launched our new release with exciting new enhancements to our existing modules, and two new modules. Our new release offers new and improved tools for all of our clients, including corporations, mentoring organizations, hospices, churches and volunteer organizations.

People Relationship Manager (PRM)

At the heart of eWebLife is our PRM. Here are just a few of our new features in our PRM, including the eMentorLife and eVolunteerLife PRM versions:

Create Custom Profiles: We have added the ability to create up to five custom profiles: for basic users in contacts, and four custom profiles for Admins, for Matched to enable you to create custom views for different users. This allows you to limit the views of different group admins and basic users to the fields that they need to see!

Organization Records: Admins now have an “Organization tab” that will allow them to track the organizations they work with, and the ones that their “people” are involved with. Organizations are added either by Admins, or basic users as they update their profile or resume.

Notes improvements: We have added the concept of a “Match Note” that will automatically add the names of the Matched individuals to a note, making it easier for Matched People (e.g., Mentors, Volunteers) to post their notes. Optionally, controlled via security, these notes can be shared with other Match Primaries and Supervisors. Also, now that we have “Organization records” we have the ability to add Organizations to a note, so that you can view notes by organizations involved.

Matching Improvements: We have created a tab to view all Matches, enhanced the create match process, and simplified our matching assistance tool – Smart Match.

People Selector: Our new advanced people selector makes it easier for you to add people to notes, volunteering, RSVP’s, emails, etc.

eConnectLife Communications System

eConnectLife's new enhancements include:
  • Text Messaging Available: Amins can select what message receiving methods are allowed for each eConnect: email only, or email and/or text message. If email and/or text message, your subscribers can chose how to receive their messages.
  • Registration options: We have added a new option for creating an eConnect account. Now users can sign up without logging in, receiving an email confirmation of their sign ups with the option to unsubscribe.
  • Enhanced tracking tools: We have enhanced the tracking of bounced emails, and added the ability to verify if emails were opened.

New: Integrated Websites

We are proud to announce that we have just launched our new eWebLife websites that are fully integrated with our PRM. Our first clients have patiently worked with us as we build our new Point and Click Content Management System (CMS) that simplifies the process of updating a website. The CMS has great features including the option to Preview your changes before Publishing. It is fully integrated with the PRM, in that it can pull your public Calendar events, News, RSVP’s, Volunteer Opportunities, and Applications to automatically display on your eWebLife website.

New: Donations System - eGivingLife

We expanded our origianl plan from enabling web based donations to providing full Donation module that enables setting donation campaign goals, pledging, one time and recurring donations, setting donation types (financial, stocks, items), tracking all donations (web based, cash and checks), and more. We have easy to use “form codes” to enable you to quickly load our web based forms to your website.

There's more!

Want to learn more? Please contact us at info@eweblife.com or call us at 214-642-8027. 
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