We are pleased to announce the eWebLife mini-release of some enhancements (and bug fixes) last night.  The upgrades included the following enhancements:

News:  Added filtering for news type to user and admin news areas.
Notes:  Increased character limit of the body of notes to 15,000 characters. 
Matching:  Fixed an issue where using pagination caused filtering to be reset within Admin -> Matches. 
Group Mail: Added the ability to search bounced email addresses by name or email address.  
Security: Added an option to security roles to enable administrators to send invites to users for RSVPs.  This option is disabled by default.
RSVP: Added and enhanced various sending criteria options from Group Mail to RSVP invites, such as Group/Person Type, Custom Fields, Organizations, etc.
Reports: Added added Preferred Phone Number and Address to reports and Promo Code Name to RSVP reports.  
Membership:  Updated the display of payment options for Quarterly payments to show the quarter start and end date.  

A full set of changes can be reviewed in the eWebLife PRM. 


Upcoming Webinars

If you would like to learn more about eWebLife - we have the following upcoming webinars:

4/21- Mentoring Features:  Lean about the Mentoring features of eWebLife!

4/28 - Website Management:  If you are looking for a new website & want to explore how eWebLife will enable you to maintain your own website and grow your Connections, join us!