We are pleased to announce that we launched release 4.0 of eWebLife. This release includes a large number of enhancements across the eWebLife platform as well as introducing a new module, eForumLife.  Below are the major release notes.
Notes and Match Notes
Notes enable you to add information about your “people” and organizations that you work with, to track sales opportunities, progress of projects, etc. Match Notes are designed for you to report on the progress of a match between two people, such as in the case of youth or employee mentoring.  
Embed Codes
Embed codes allow you to embed a form (e.g., application, RSVP, Volunteering, Donation) onto your website, so that your “people” can sign up directly from your website. The embed code creator allows you to “colorize” the form to conform with your websites look and feel!
eConnect is our module that combines the power of an email marketing tool with "ListServ" capabilities.
Our RSVP system enables you to allow people to sign up for free or paid events.   You have the ability to invite your people to attend with personalized URLs for easy sign ups, send marketing email blasts, and a lot more.
Knowing your “people” can provide you with the “business or ministry” intelligence to better serve your people, to increase sales, donations, volunteering, etc.
Like people, knowing your clients, affiliates, member organizations, and other organizational connections is critical to growth and service.
Our eGivingLife module is more than a online donation tool. It is a complete giving module which includes recording online and offline donations, track campaign progress, connecting with donors, and creating statements.

eWeblife has a robust security system to protect your people and assets.
People Matching is a great way to team up two people to assist in personal or professional growth, or to provide comfort to those in need.

Our flexible reporting tool helps you tailor reports about your people, organizations, and activities.
Applications can help you track the status of a potential customer, mentor, donor, job applicant, etc.
Our membership system enables free and paid memberships, and providing member benefits like discounted pricing on events, member searchable database (which you can embed into your eWeblife or other website), and more.
Our eWebLife – point and click – content management system provides you with the ease adding new pages and adding and modifying your website content.
eForumLife  * NEW *

We have incorporated the power of the world's most popular Forum, PHPBB, into eWebLife to enable you to build connections between your "people" through the sharing of ideas and to help promote your business or ministry.

Global News

On a global note, we have made some significant changes to optimize our performance and speed.  Optimization will continue to be a high priority in the coming months.

If you have any questions about the new features, improvements or would like to learn about  adding new modules to your eWebLife platform or joining the eWebLife family of customers, please contact us at support@eWebLife.com