Date Title Short description News Type Action
01/01/2015 ItÂ’s time to make your beds for... Question: Is now a good time to prepare new b... Weekly Column
01/08/2015 All we are saying is give trees a chance Question:   All of the trees on my girlf... Weekly Column
01/29/2015 Tackle those cold-weather weeds now Q: Is now the time to treat winter weeds so they w... Weekly Column
02/19/2015 WhatÂ’s a local seed source for...   Question: I am interested in buying seeds ... Weekly Column
03/05/2015 Extending remarks on rose rosette... In checking back with some of the people who repor... Weekly Column
03/18/2015 Is slime mold hazardous to a shrub?  Knock slime mold off the stem of the pla... Weekly Column
04/01/2015 Dandelions: If you canÂ’t beat...     Dandelions can be an asset i... Weekly Column
04/08/2015 Create a barrier to give cats pause   Question: I am having cat problems, bu... Weekly Column
04/15/2015 Take down bamboo shoots and cut runners Question: I used Roundup last year on bamboo stub... Weekly Column
04/22/2015 DonÂ’t gallop into using manure... Test any manure youÂ’d like to compost for herbic... Weekly Column
04/29/2015 Wisteria a fine vine, but others are...   WisteriaÂ’s lavender tresses are... Weekly Column
05/13/2015 Weedkiller probably taking out...   Agarita is an option if youÂ’re l... Weekly Column
05/27/2015 Use properly diluted orange oil near...   Is treating fire ant mounds with oran... Weekly Column
06/03/2015 Ants have invaded pots of peppers   Question: I am growing peppers in big clay... Weekly Column
06/10/2015 Got a weed that is eating you? Reader submittedThe mystery weed popping up... Weekly Column
06/17/2015 Garlic pepper tea wonÂ’t hurt...   2015 Question: I bought some ladybugs to p... Weekly Column
06/24/2015 How to Fertigate Question: I just finished putting an irrigati... Weekly Column
07/15/2015 How to fight Bermuda grass in an...   Lara Solt/Staff Photographer D... Weekly Column
08/13/2015 Howard Garrett: Creatures will turn... Question: I bought a passionflower vine, and it d... Weekly Column
09/09/2015 Muddy pond? Get your water tested St. Augustine makes a hardy lawn and doesn't ... Weekly Column

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