Early Voting starts tomorrow at Town Center!

8am - 5pm every day this week!

Vote early for better representation on city council.

Ready to serve the citizens of Coppell

Davin is the most experienced candidate in this race, with the range of experiences we need on our City Council. Early voting starts today. Please remember to vote at Town Center for the one candidate willing to listen to you before committing the city to major projects. Our Budget has taken a hit in the past year - let’s be sure we grow smartly in the future!

What have I done? What will I do?

I am a creative thinker who wants to bring fresh solutions to developing our 2040 Plan. I have the background to develop tactics that fulfill our stated strategy - all with community support and involvement.

I have consistently shown up at major (and even minor) decisions that affect citizens in order to advocate for better analysis of decisions made by and for Coppell.

I have consistently advocated for the city to conduct the analysis needed to determine if we can increase the homestead exemption and lower your taxes.

Are taxes too high? Most people I talk to feel they are. Do we have the discipline to limit revenue increases and deliver tax relief? Some on council, now retired, say that we couldn’t do much, so we shouldn’t bother with property tax reduction (City Council meeting 4/13/21). What do I think? The council needs to ask the city to research the impact of property tax reduction (which it so far has not done). We need the discipline to commit to exploring how we can deliver on the issue that matters to most residents.

That does not mean I will put the city at risk. Until we have gone though the analysis, how can anyone say we can’t make property tax reduction a possibility for residents? All the cities around us in Dallas County have a 20% discount on homeowner property values, yet Coppell has remained at 5% for 15 years. Why? We need answers.

Others aren’t talking about it. Voters don’t know if my opponent will ask the city to conduct the necessary analysis, and to follow through to ask the tough questions and ensure the analysis is adequate. I have presented to the city council on this issue - you know where I stand. Let’s challenge ourselves to deliver property tax relief AND better services. I am confident we can!

I see so much potential within our city to do more for our citizens that I felt compelled to run for city council and be the leadership that listens to it’s citizens.


Davin has been involved with the city since attending Leadership Coppell over 10 years ago. Since that time, he has promoted better decision-making on numerous issues being considered by the city, and been involved in:

  • Allies in Community, 2020

  • Leadership Coppell Class of 2011

  • Election Judge and Precinct Chair 2008-2018

  • Vision 2040 Participant, multiple phases

  • Chair, Architectural Review Committee for Lakes of Coppell, the largest HOA in Coppell 2016-18



Davin is an active servant leader and volunteer

  • Founder & Committee Chair of Cub Scout Pack 820

  • Supporter with time and money to Metrocrest Services

  • Assistant Scout Leader and Leadership Training Coordinator for Troop 842, First United Methodist Church Coppell

  • Active Member of St. Ann’s Church in Coppell since 1994;

    • Youth ministry

    • Knights of Columbus

    • Lector

  • Board Member, Our Daily Bread (non-profit food pantry)

  • Navy Veteran – 7 years as an officer


Ready to Lead.

Davin has lead by encouraging the city to communicate in more effective ways with citizens what is going on.

Davin has promoted tax reduction through increasing the homestead exemption from the current 5%, to an amount more in line with cities around us.

As we face new opportunities as we exit the pandemic, don’t we need his leadership to ensure we remain one of the best communities in the Metroplex?


Please support

Davin Bernstein,

Place 3.

His background, service, and expertise will help lead Coppell into the future!

  • BA, Government, Cornell University

  • MBA, Yale School of Management

  • Navy Veteran

  • Married to Angela, with three children