Morning Meeting with Chemistry, Physics and Physical Science Modelers

Janelle Hollingshead and Anne Goldkamp have agreed to continue with the Saturday get-togethers for another 6 months!

We will meet every 2nd Saturday of the month, from 11 am - noon EST.

We talk about whatever people need to talk about. We talk about what we are up to and usually the conversation leads to natural questions and sharing of ideas. Most of us teach both chemistry and physics so it is a one-stop shop.

Meet the team:
Janelle Hollingshead:
I have been teaching modeling chemistry for about 7 years, modeling physics for three years, and 9th grade physical science for two years.  I have attended about four chemistry, one physics, one middle school, and one AMTA leadership workshops.  I have had my national board certification for the past 9 years and am certified until 2032.  I have my special education certification and love helping teachers figure out ways to weave modeling into their unique situations where there might be challenges with curriculum, parents, administration, and co workers.  We are here to support you and validate that what you are doing is the best for your students!

Anne Goldkamp In 2008 I took a  modeling workshop, and it felt like I was coming home! Modeling embodies everything I have come to believe about science teaching in 40+ years. I have been teaching modeling physics ever since, although our small school does not support a physics class every year. I incorporate elements of modeling into my 8th grade physical science curriculum whenever possible. Four years ago I happily took the opportunity to switch my chemistry class to the modeling curriculum, and I love it! I have been helping Janelle by hosting Zoom meetings this past year. The modeling community has provided me with such amazing support this past year;I am happy to give back in this small way.
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