AMTA offers the Introduction to Modeling Instruction in Chemistry II with Larry Dukerich (AZ) and Chris Manor (TN) as the leaders. 

The Introduction to Modeling Instruction in Chemistry II course is intended for teachers who wish to investigate a model-based approach to concepts not addressed in the Modeling Chemistry I workshop.  These include an evidence-based treatment of the internal structure of the atom, periodicity and covalent bonding, intermolecular forces, equilibrium and acids & bases.  This should appeal to teachers of an honors or AP course whose students can move through the basic concepts more rapidly.

NOTE: The leaders strongly suggest participants have attended the face to face chemistry I Modeling Instruction workshop previously as they build on the models, pedagogy and content in the previous units.

Dates: January 16, 2024 - April 9, 2024
Meeting times:Tuesday evenings 7 PM-10 PM EST (4 PM-7 PM PST)
Leaders: Larry Dukerich and Chris Manor
Costs: $775 (includes membership renewal)  
Graduate level credits: $79 per credit through the University of Pacific 
Location: Zoom

Meet our leaders:
Larry Dukerich taught high school (college prep and AP) and community college chemistry and physics for 34 years in MI and AZ. One of the first class of Modelers from back in 1990, Larry has conducted physics and chemistry workshops across the country and in Singapore. Since 2005 he has been working on the development of chemistry curriculum materials, including the production of short videos of labs to help students who cannot do them in person. 

Chris Manor has 19 years of experience teaching chemistry, primarily at the high school level, as well as some community college teaching experience.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education.  He currently teaches honors, AP and organic chemistry in a public school 25 miles south of Nashville.  Chris has led Chem 1 and Chem 2 Modeling workshops in Tennessee and Massachusetts.