06/17/2024 08:00 am - 06/28/2024

2024 -St. Joseph's Prep - Physics First Modeling Instruction Workshop

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Two week Physics First Modeling Instruction Workshop at St Joseph's Preparatory School, Philadelphia, PA

What:    2024 SJ Prep Physics First Modeling Instruction Workshop  
When:   June 17-28, 2024
Where:  St. Joseph's Preparatory School
              1733 W. Girard Avenue
Cost:     $1200 
(includes lunch, teaching materials, and a certificate of 

Housing:  Two bedroom apartments  with 1.5 baths and kitchenette are available on the campus of nearby St. Joseph's University for an additional charge as follows:   

Single Occupancy (1 person in each bedroom of apartment) = $910.00

Double Occupancy (2 people in each bedroom of apartment) = $715.00

Guests must provide their own towels, linens, and pillow.    Please complete the questions when registering to request room mates.


This workshop is a Methods of Physics Teaching course that thoroughly addresses most aspects of high school physics teaching, including the integration of teaching methods with course content, as it should be done in the high school classroom. The workshop incorporates up-to-date results of physics education research, best practice high school curriculum materials, use of technology, and experience in collaborative learning and guided inquiry. 

The workshop can be paid in full at time of registering or you can select to pay later, please email  sue@modelinginstruction.org  for an invoice for your school's purchase order.

3 graduates are available from the University of Pacific for $79/credit.  Graduate credits are not included in the cost of the workshop, participants pay the University of Pacific separately.    More information will be provided at the beginning of the workshop.

Meet the Leaders:  

Jess Dykes has been employing Modeling Instruction in the classroom since 2004.  Since 2008, Jess has been leading/co-leading Modeling Instruction workshops every summer in Mechanics, Physics First Mechanics, Introduction to Modeling Instruction, Modeling Instruction with C.A.S.T.L.E., Electricity and Magnetism and more recently with Computational Modeling Physics First with Bootstrap (CMPF-B).  Since 2017, Jess has been involved in the development and refinement of the CMPF-B materials, and has been leading workshops in CMPF-B since 2018.
Jess teaches in Ridley School District, a small suburb community of Philadelphia, PA, where he has been employed since 2004.  At Ridley, Jess has taught using Modeling methods in all levels of Physics/Physical Science from special education courses to Advanced Placement.

Sean Grealis
Sean has been modeling since 2017, implementing Mechanics, CASTLE and, most recently, Computational Modeling Physics First with Bootstrap (CMPF-B). Since 2021, Sean has served as an intern for the CMPF-B workshop and is excited to co-lead the workshop this summer. Sean has been a teacher since 2005 at St. Augustine Prep in Southern New Jersey and has taught a variety of math and science classes, including AP Physics C, AP Calculus and currently serves as the STEAM Division Chair and 9th grade physics teacher.


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