06/17/2024 08:00 am - 06/28/2024

2024 - CO - Modeling Instruction in Chemistry Workshop

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Chemistry I Modeling Instruction Workshop at Academy of Charter Schools in Westminister, CO

What:    2024 Modeling Instruction Chemistry I Workshop  
When:   June 17-28, 2024
Where:  The Academy of Charter Schools
              11800 Lowell Blvd.,
              Westminster, CO 80031
Cost:      $900


In cooperation with the American Modeling Teachers Association, the Academy of Charter Schools is offering a 2-week Modeling Instruction™ workshop in Chemistry. The workshop is designed to promote an understanding of models and modeling pedagogy which will enable students to learn concepts in chemistry from the perspective of systematically developed particle models of matter.  Instructional strategies include a coherent approach to the role of energy in physical and chemical change

The workshop can be paid in full at time of registering or you can select to pay later, please email  sue@modelinginstruction.org  for an invoice for your school's purchase order.

Meet the Leaders:  

Rob Peters has been teaching chemistry and physics for the last 20 years in a rural public school district in Michigan. He attended his first Modeling workshop in 2014. After immediately falling in love with Modeling Instruction, he has gone on to take several more workshops, and in 2016 he co-facilitated  his first workshop. Since then, Rob has facilitated many chemistry and physical science workshops in Michigan. He is a dedicated Modeler, and using Modeling Instruction has allowed him to learn many new things from his students about chemistry, physics, and the scientific process. Modeling has also allowed him to meet many wonderful people who are as passionate as he is about teaching and learning. Rob has two sons and lives in Midland, Michigan with his wife Marilyn.

Angela Smith has been teaching science in small schools since 2009. While she has taught just about every high school science class (currently Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, and AP Physics), her true passion is Chemistry. In 2012 and 2013, she attended 2 one-week Chemistry Modeling workshops in Carmel, Indiana that changed her entire view of what it means for students to actually learn. She enjoyed the large Modeling community in Indiana that allows teachers to collaborate and share their passion for student learning. Angela moved to Colorado in January 2016 and has not been able to find much of a Modeling community there. She is passionate about igniting this community of teacher support in the beautiful state of Colorado and can’t wait to get started with this workshop.
In her free time, Angela enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, cross stitching, and spending quality time with her two boys, 9 and 14.


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