01/17/2023 07:00 pm - 03/21/2023

Canceled-2023 Middle School Advanced Topics Distance Learning Course

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This course led by George Nelson and David Bates is for people who are new to Modeling Instruction or have already taken any Modeling workshop


Middle School Modeling-advanced topics- is a 10-week distance learning course for people who are new to Modeling Instruction or have already taken any Modeling workshop. This course intends for teachers to become familiar with the pedagogy and get additional strategies and curricula to implement Modeling Instruction in their classrooms. Participants will go through new modeling-aligned units while immersed in inquiry teaching practices. During these units, participants will examine the mindset of and the effect of conceptual understanding on their students.

The workshop will also address how to support teachers in continuing to implement modeling in their classrooms. These include providing participants with ways to make class discussion more engaging by helping their students learn to talk, reason and collaborate with one another.

The course will conclude with participants learning how to assess students’ conceptual learning and engaging lessons to build models through storylines. The storyline sequence in the curriculum will build a connection between Modeling Instruction and NGSS and 3-Dimensional Learning. Participants can also incorporate claims, evidence, and reasoning into their science curriculum. Finally, the workshop will focus on giving participants an understanding of the middle school modeling resources and how to “modelize” their activities.


Meet Our Instructors

George Nelson began his teaching career in 2009 where he taught 8th grade science for four years in Arizona, before relocating back to his hometown in Crystal Lake, IL. He still continues teaching 8th grade science to this day. George became acquainted with Modeling Instruction from the 3rd MNS program at Arizona State University under the leadership of Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz. He also attended the Chemistry I and Mechanics Workshops in the summer of 2014. Since first being exposed to Modeling Instruction, it has had a profound impact on his classroom. George said, “Seeing students doing and talking science every day in my classroom as a community makes my career gratifying and rewarding.” George currently serves on the AMTA board as the President-Elect.

David Bates currently teaches 8th grade science and chairs the science department at Unis Middle School in Dearborn Michigan.  He serves as Co-Chair for the district middle school science committee and assists with training for new teachers.  His undergraduate work was in Special Education for Cognitively Impaired and graduate work was in Educational Leadership, both with Eastern Michigan University.  With 33 years of teaching in a variety of age groups including 3rd grade, 5th grade, 6th grade and 7th grade he enjoys sharing his experience and joy for teaching.  His perspective in teaching is informed by a wide array of experiences including service as a member of the board of education for the Ypsilanti Schools, Introduction to Modeling for Middle School, Advanced Modeling- Cognition and Instruction, Co-instructor for Advanced Modeling for Middle School, Next Gen Science Exemplar, MiSTAR Professional Learning Facilitator and Reading Apprenticeship. 

Date: Tuesdays from 7:00 pm (EST) to 10:00 pm (EST)

Duration: 10 weeks - January 17 to March 21, 2023

Costs: $600 (including one year of membership)

Graduate Level Credits: The option of earning credit from the University of the Pacific will be available for $79 per credit hour.

For any questions, please contact Kaylene Love at klove@modelinginstruction.org


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