01/08/2023 04:00 pm - 03/19/2023

2023 Introduction to Modeling Methods Course

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Intro to Modeling Methods Course with Ariel Serkin & Scott Milam, Jan. 8 - Mar. 19, 2023. A 10-week course designed as a 1st exposure to Modeling Instruction.


Are you tired of students just trying to get a grade and not learning science?
Using Modeling Instruction, we will develop the pedagogical framework to

  • Get students to think hard
  • Develop equitable practices in the classroom
  • Bring joy back into teaching

In our Distance Learning course, we will delve into the Modeling Cycle, its basis in cognitive science, and the practical ways that teachers use Modeling Instruction in the science classroom. This course will sample Life Sciences and Physical Sciences in order to explore the Modeling pedagogy through multiple content lenses. By utilizing both student mode and teacher mode, participants will use readings, virtual whiteboarding, discussions, and reflections to engage in Modeling practices that will lead to improved student learning. 

The Distance Learning course can be taken for graduate-level credits (for an additional fee) or you may earn a professional development certificate.

The instructors for this course are Ariel Serkin (MA) and Scott Milam (MI)

Full payment must be received by December 30, 2022.

Day: Sundays from 4-7 pm (EST)

Duration: 10 weeks, January 8 - March 19, 2023

Costs: $600  (includes a 1-year AMTA membership)

Optional graduate-level credits: 2 credits from University of Pacific are available for $79/hr ($158 total).

Meet our Instructors

Ariel Serkin is passionate about teaching chemistry and physics to her high school students in Massachusetts and to teachers through her involvement in a number of organizations including STEMteachersMassBay, AMTA, and ChemEdXchange.  Ariel engages her students with Modeling Instruction, whiteboard meetings, laboratory experiences, and Molecule Monday. She loves collaborating with other educators to help all students and teachers succeed. Ariel was a 2019 PAEMST finalist and 2020 AACT High School Teacher of the Year. You can regularly see Ariel celebrating #nerdytshirtfriday on Twitter and wearing #nerdychic whenever she can.  
Scott Milam currently teaches chemistry and IB chemistry HL at Plymouth High School in Michigan. Scott holds a BS and MS in Chemistry. He completed his initial training in the Modeling Instruction pedagogy in 2015, and has led workshops in 2018 and 2020. Scott was the 2017 Michigan Science Teacher of the Year and was a 2019 PAEMST finalist.


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