07/12/2021 11:30 am - 07/29/2021

FULL - 2021 Introduction to Modeling Instruction in Middle School

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2021 Introduction to Modeling Instruction in Middle School with David Bates, Karle Delo and Susan Quinn.

Workshop description:

Introduction to Middle School Modeling is a fast-paced dynamic look at science instruction through the lens of student learning and cognition.  Teachers will be prepared to deliver high quality, NGSS-aligned and research-based Modeling Instruction across the Middle School curriculum.  We all have models of how to teach science.  Participants will be challenged to examine their own models of instruction and to develop new understanding and new models that engage students, promote critical thinking practices, and elevate learning to higher levels.  We will explore the role of models and modeling in learning science in both formal and informal contexts.  Fundamental theories of thinking and learning will be examined as they relate to classroom instructional practices as well as the alignment between Modeling Instruction and the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Dates: July 12-29, 2021
Meeting days: Mon - Thurs
Meeting times: Mon through Wed - 11:30am - 3:30 pm (EDT) and Thursdays 11:30 am - 2:30 pm (EDT)
Leaders: David Bates (MI), Karle Delo (MI), and Susan Quinn (AZ)
Costs: $775, includes a one-year AMTA membership .
Optional graduate-level credits: $79 per credit through the University of Pacific (up to 3 credits available) 
Location: Zoom

Meet the leaders:
David Bates currently teaches 8th grade science and chairs the science department at Unis Middle School in Dearborn Michigan.  He serves as Co-Chair for the district middle school science committee and assists with training for new teachers.  His undergraduate work was in Special Education for Cognitively Impaired and graduate work was in Educational Leadership, both with Eastern Michigan University.  With 33 years of teaching in a variety of age groups including 3rd grade, 5th grade, 6th grade and 7th grade he enjoys sharing his experience and joy for teaching.  His perspective in teaching is informed by a wide array of experiences including service as a member of the board of education for the Ypsilanti Schools, Introduction to Modeling for Middle School, Advanced Modeling- Cognition and Instruction, Co-instructor for Advanced Modeling for Middle School, Next Gen Science Exemplar, MiSTAR Professional Learning Facilitator and Reading Apprenticeship. 

Karle Delo began teaching in 2010 in central Michigan.   With experience teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade over the last 10 years. Karle has taught many subjects and electives at the Middle School level. The majority of Karle’s experience has been teaching 8th Grade Science. With a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Michigan State University, Karle has always had a passion for elevating student engagement and teacher efficiency through technology. Karle is starting her first year as Instructional Coach and Technology Integrationist at Ovid-Elsie Area Schools. Karle took her first modeling workshop back in 2015 at a Middle School Modeling workshop in Muskegon, MI. Since, Karle has been using Modeling in her own 8th grade science classroom and has seen a transformation in quality discussions, depth of knowledge, and student ownership of learning. As an instructional coach, she hopes to introduce some aspects of Modeling to other content areas. 

Karle facilitated the first virtual Middle School Modeling Workshop this past summer. With her background in technology and Modeling, she provided teachers with examples of how tech tools can support Modeling in a virtual, hybrid, or socially distanced face-to-face environment.

Susan Quinn has two Master’s degrees in STEM Curriculum and Instruction and STEM Leadership and a BS in Agriculture. Susan attended the Middle School Modeling Workshop at MCESA, Phoenix, AZ, and attended the leadership training in 2016. She has teaching credentials in Biology, Earth Science, and Middle School science as well as elementary education. She has experience teaching all subjects in the alternative school setting and middle school setting for over 10 years. She currently teachers 7th grade STEM science at Ruth Fisher Middle School in Tonopah, Arizona.   


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