05/12/2020 07:00 pm

Webinar series: NGSS Biology - 2020 update

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Webinar series: NGSS Biology - 2020 update

The NGSS Modeling Biology Development Team invites you to join us for a webinar on Tuesday evening, May 12, 7-8 PM EDT. We will review our progress this year in developing an NGSS Modeling Biology course for use in a high school science curriculum that begins with physics, followed by chemistry, and then biology. This course makes use of the students’ background in chemistry as they develop their understanding of biology.

We have developed and classroom tested materials for five topics (with a total of nine instructional units). These are:
1- Characteristics of Life/Levels of Organization
2- Biological Molecules (A-Chemistry of Life; B-Enzymes)
3- DNA (A-Structure and Function; B-Transcription and Translation)
4- The Cell (A-Structure and Function; B-Cell Membrane)
5- Energy and Biological Processes (A-Cellular Respiration and Bioenergetics; B-Photosynthesis and Biosynthesis).
The current version of the instructional materials for these five topics will be posted on the AMTA website by May 10.

Our webinar will provide a discussion of the progression of models and the instructional materials for these topics. An overview of the NGSS Modeling Biology Course can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NOVhczhUqhZVTK1TzzbUG46anZs1TwGX/view?usp=sharing

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