01/16/2020 07:00 pm - 04/23/2020

2020 Microscopic E&M Modeling Distance Learning Course - CLOSED

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Microscopic E&M Modeling™ course, January 16 to April 23, 2020. A 2nd semester physics workshop led by Holly McTernan

This Spring on Thursdays from 7-10 PM (EST), AMTA will offer a 45-hour Distance Learning Electricity & Magnetism Modeling Course.  It will run for 15 consecutive weeks, meeting for 3 hours per week for synchronous communications, and will require at least three additional hours per week for individual and virtual group work.  The course will develop content knowledge and pedagogy for teaching a high school electricity and magnetism course from a microscopic Modeling perspective.  This course will require you to bring your Modeling "A" game each week!
This is an excellent opportunity for any Modeler who is looking to deepen their content understanding and extend their understanding and experience in Modeling.
We recognize that distance learning differs from the face-to-face Modeling Workshop experience.  It assumes participants are familiar with Modeling discourse management, classroom culture, and the design of the learning environment in a Modeling classroom.  This distance learning course is recommended only if you have taken a Modeling Workshop.  However, this could be what you are looking for if you’ve wanted to attend another workshop but couldn’t manage the logistics.  Nothing beats a face-to-face workshop, but this is an excellent alternative if that’s not possible for you.


Date: Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm (EST)

Duration: 15 weeks, January 16 to April 23

Costs: $750 for current AMTA members; $825 for non-members (includes 1-yr AMTA membership)

Graduate credits: 3 graduate level credits are available through University of Pacific for $79/hr ($237 total).

Meet Our Instructors

Holly McTernan stumbled across Modeling during a brief visit to ASU in the summer of 2007.  She returned in 2008 to begin the MNS degree, taking Mechanics (Whalen and Ash at OSU), CASTLE (McNamara), E&M (Crofton), Light (Schober), and Chemistry (Dukerich).  After earning the degree in 2011, she looked for ways to bring Modeling Workshops to the Cleveland-area and was trained as a leader 2014.  After working together leading a Mechanics Workshop near Pittsburgh in 2014, Jess Dykes helped Holly bring Modeling Workshops to Cleveland in 2015 (CASTLE) and 2016 (Mechanics).  Holly has since worked with Larry Dukerich and Michael Crofton helping lead Chemistry and E&M workshops in Cleveland during the 2018 and 2019 summers.  Originally a Chemistry teacher, Holly teaches full time at St. Edward HS, a private boy's Catholic school in Lakewood, on the western border of Cleveland.  She teaches physics at 3 levels (AP C, honors, and regular) and has also taught IB physics.

Jess Dykes has been Modeling since 2004, after an intensive one-week whirlwind training.  He later attended ASU in the summer of 2005 to get the full Modeling Mechanics training (under Jeff Hengesbach and Kelli Warble), and has since taken other Modeling courses (with Larry Dukerich).  Since that time, Jess has become a Modeling Workshop leader and has led more than a dozen workshops since 2008.  Jess and Holly co-led both a Modeling CASTLE workshop (2015) and Modeling Mechanics workshops (2014 & 2016).  Jess was a co-developer of the Michigan Physics First Modeling Curriculum and over the last 3 years has been involved as a co-developer of the new Computational Modeling Physics First (CMPF) curriculum in coordination with AAPT and Bootstrap Algebra, and co-leader of the CMPF workshop with Melissa Girmscheid.  Jess teaches in a suburban district in SE Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.  He teaches all levels of Physics, from 9th grade Special Ed through AP Physics with juniors and seniors.


For any questions, please contact wendy@modelinginstruction.org


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