07/08/2019 08:30 am - 07/26/2019

Astronomy Modeling Workshop

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Astronomy Modeling Workshop will be piloted at the University of Louisville, KY, July 8-26, 2019

Stephen Colbert (NC) and Doreen Grener (OH) will lead the very first Astronomy Modeling Workshop at the University of Louisville, KY July 8-26. This workshop is the product of a collaboration between AMTA and Global Hands On Universe.

We have applied for two grants to reduce the cost of the workshop, but decisions on funding have not been received yet. In the meantime, we must charge enough to cover our costs to conduct the workshop. If and when grant funds are received we will rebate as much of the cost of the workshop fees as we can.

The Astronomy Modeling curriculum resources that have been developed for this workshop address high school (and also some middle school) NGSS standards. The units are designed around 4 guiding questions: 
How do we measure space?
How do objects interact in space?
How do we know about space and things in space?
How do objects form and evolve in space?
Participants will learn to study space the way astronomers do: they will abstract data from images for the laboratory activities using powerful (and free!) image analysis software.

Stephen Colbert teaches Honors Chemistry and Honors Earth Science at Wake Early College of Health & Sciences in Raleigh, NC. He has implemented Modeling Instruction for eight years and served as a modeling workshop facilitator for four years. He earned degrees in forestry from Northern Arizona University and the University of Florida and in soil science from NC State University. Prior to teaching, Dr. Colbert worked 20+ years in natural resources consulting, research, and technology transfer. 

Doreen Grener currently teaches physics, forensics and earth/space science at Lakewood Local Schools in Hebron, Ohio.  While she has used Modeling Instruction for the past four years, she has 40+ years teaching experience in public, private and college classrooms.  At some point during that career, Doreen has taught mostly physics with a wide spattering of chemistry,  biology, earth science and forensics.  At the college level she was involved with science methods and teacher preparation.  Undergraduate and doctoral degrees included course work in geology, comprehensive science, climate change, environmental and science education from Bowling Green State University and The Ohio State University.

Costs: $800 (possible stipend at completion of the workshop)
$75 deposit to reserve the seat. If grants are received, teachers may receive a stipend at completion of the workshop.
Leaders: Stephen Colbert and Doreen Grener
Location: University of Louisville, KY 

You have the option to pay in full now or make a $75 down payment to reserve your seat in the workshop. If you prefer to make a down payment, please fill out the form below, click "Pay Later," and then click the link provided to update or add your credit card.  

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