09/27/2017 04:00 pm

Webinar series: Course Pac

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Mike Dolan and Stephen Collins will host the webinar about the Mechanics Course Pac

 September 27, 2017 at 7 pm EDT ; 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain and 4 pm Pacific (and AZ).


This June, AMTA began piloting a Modeling Instruction Course-book, combining a student’s worksheets and lab notes into a single bound resource. As a familiar, textbook-like resource for students, the Course-book can increase comfort among skeptical parents, administrators, and faculty; support student organization by having all materials bound into one document; and relieve teachers of organizing, copying and handing out worksheets. Key objectives for AMTA were to investigate a sustainable way to provide resources that support Modeling Instruction and to encourage professional development for more teachers in Modeling Instruction.
The webinar will enable collaboration among modelers about  possible Course-book next steps to achieve these objectives. It will start with an overview of the feedback we have from teachers and what we have learned.  An open discussion on improvement ideas will follow.
Mike Dolan teaches physics at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Austin, TX. He has organized a modeling workshop in Central Texas and has a passion for helping to improve STEM education.
Stephen Collins teaches physics at Lusher Charter School in New Orleans, LA where he also Chairs the Science Department. Stephen attended his first Modeling Workshop in 2008 and is now a Workshop Leader. He has been teaching high school physics for over 20 years.

In order to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to attend our webinars, we allow more people to register for the webinars than our current GoToMeeting subscription can hold. We've made this decision based on our observation that about 20-30% people end up not attending after registering.  We understand that things come up, so if you find yourself in that situation please let Wendy (wendy@modelinginstruction.org ). 
To prevent any hurt feeling or ruffled feather please note that due to the nature of our webinar platform GoToMeeting signing in to the session is on a first come first serve basis. We don't want to bump anyone off, but we do want to fill our webinars.  Therefore, we open our sessions about 15 minutes prior to the start of the actual presentation.


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