01/19/2017 07:00 pm - 04/27/2017

Distance Learning Chemistry II workshop

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The Distance Learning Chemistry II workshop is for people who already took a face-to-face Modeling Workshops, preferably Chemistry I.

Secondary-level chemistry teachers will participate in 45 hours of on-line training in Chemistry: Modeling Instruction. The course will focus on an evidence-based approach to the internal structure of the atom, periodicity and covalent bonding, intermolecular forces, equilibrium and acids and bases.  The goal of this Modeling Methods course is to provide a meaningful form of professional development for in-service teachers using student-centered, inquiry-based, constructivist practices. Participants will frequently be asked to play two roles.

First, outside of class meetings, they will be asked to take the role of a novice student in chemistry (similar to their actual students) as they perform all the laboratory investigations and problem solving that such students will be asked to do. A taxonomy of common preconceptions and misconceptions students hold will give participants a useful perspective from which they will be better able to address their own student’s learning obstacles.

Second, they will be asked to play the role of the classroom chemistry teacher where they will observe and discuss the techniques of managing student discourse, using Socratic dialogue, and general classroom management in an inquiry-based classroom. Throughout the course, teachers are asked to reflect on their practice and how they might apply the techniques they have learned in the course to their own classes. The principles learned here can be readily transferred to any other sort of classroom instruction.

Brenda Royce has her B.A. in Chemistry from California State University, Fresno and M.A. in Education from Fresno Pacific University.  She has taught high school chemistry and physics for 22 years after a 14-year career as an environmental analytical chemist and research assistant. She has been using Modeling Instruction in her classes since 1998. Brenda has conducted numerous teacher training workshops in the practices of Modeling Instruction since 2000 in California, Arizona, Texas, and Pennsylvania as well as made presentations about Modeling Instruction at NSTA, WRNC, ChemEd, and BCCE conferences. She has been one of lead contributors to the curriculum materials used in Modeling Instruction in chemistry since the project began in 2004. brendar@csufresno.edu 


Larry Dukerich received his B.S. in Chemistry from Michigan State University and his Masters of Natural Science from Arizona State University. He taught high school chemistry and physics, including regular, honors and AP courses, in Michigan and Arizona for 34 years. He was a Woodrow Wilson Dreyfus Fellow in Chemistry in 1986 and a Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Science Teaching in 2000.  Since 1995, he has conducted numerous summer workshops for physics and chemistry teachers as part of the Modeling Instruction Program at ASU, and later in Pennsylvania, N Carolina, Tennessee, New York City, Missouri, California and Colorado. He has also made presentations about and conducted workshops on Modeling Instruction at NSTA, ChemEd and BCCE conferences.  He is one of the lead contributors to the curricular materials used in Modeling Instruction in chemistry. ldukerich@mac.com 

Date: Thursdays from 7:00 pm EST till 10:00 pm EST
Duration: 15 weeks, January 19- April 27
Costs: $810 (includes renewal)
              $750 for current AMTA members, discount given automatically
Graduate credits: 3 credits from Aurora University for $100 each (total $300)              available

For any questions, please contact wendy@modelinginstruction.org

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