02/03/2016 05:00 pm - 05/11/2016

Microscopic E&M distance learning Modeling workshop

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Microscopic E&M Modeling™ workshop, Feb. 3 - May 11, 2016. It is a 2nd semester physics workshop and will be led by Matt Scheffler (IL) and David Weaver (AZ)

There has been a lot of interest in having distance learning “second” Modeling Workshops for Modelers who really want to experience second semester conceptual model development (in physics and chemistry) using Modeling curriculum resources in a workshop setting with experienced instructors.
So…this coming spring, on Wednesdays from 4PM/5PM Mountain/6PM Central/7PM to 7PM Pacific/8PM Mountain/9PM Central/10PM Eastern,  AMTA will offer a 45-hour Distance Learning E&M Modeling Workshop led by Matt Scheffler and David Weaver. The course will run for 15 consecutive weeks which will require 3 hours per week during the aforementioned times for synchronous communications as well as at least three additional hours per week for individual and virtual group work. Regardless of whether you sign up for graduate credit or not, we expect you bring your Modeling "A" game each week and interact in class and out like we expect from our students. If you don't have at least 6 hours per week to devote to this course, you should probably wait until you can attend a F2F course.

The workshop will cost $675 per participant for AMTA members, $735 for non-members (non-members will receive a $60 one-year membership in AMTA so they have access to up to date Modeling curriculum resources). If 15 people enroll, we will be able to cover our fixed costs--2 workshop leaders and the communications platform fees. If we do not get at least 15 participants, we will cancel the workshop and refund tuition to those who enroll. We will cap enrollment at 24 participants.

This is an excellent opportunity for any physics Modeler who has never had the chance to take a workshop beyond mechanics. You could be taking Modeling E&M at very nearly the same time you teach it to your physics students.
A distance learning course is a different learning experience  from a face-to-face Modeling Workshop. It assumes participants are familiar with Modeling discourse management, classroom culture and the design of the learning environment in a Modeling classroom. For this reason we do not recommend that you take this course if you have never before taken a Modeling Workshop. But if you’ve been wishing you could make it to another workshop and just couldn’t manage the logistics, this could be just what you have been looking for. Nothing beats a face-to-face workshop, but if that’s not possible for you, this will be a solid alternative.

This is a big step for AMTA and we want to get it right. Consider being a part of the charter DL Modeling E&M class…it could be as important a step in your developmental trajectory as a teacher as it is for AMTA in its development as a provider of high quality professional development.

The fee is non-refundable. If you cannot attend the course and have already paid for it,  you will need to sell your seat to someone on the waiting list.

Graduate credits can be optained through Aurora University, IL, $400 for 4 credits!

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