Merchant Services

If you plan on doing online payment (eCommerce, tickets, membership, donations) then you will need a Merchant Account and the  payment gateway. 
eWebLife provides a number of tools to collect payments on the web.  These include payments for Tickets/events, Membership, Donations, Invoices, and eCommerce.  To process credit and debit cards or eChecks, you will need a merchant account and a payment gateway.


Payment Gateway:

For our payment gateway we opted to integrate with the as it is a robust and secure platform. The credit/debit card information and checking account numbers are never stored on your website or your/our platform, minimizing your/our PCI compliance requirements.  All account numbers are securely stored on the payment gateway.
If you do not already have an payment gateway account, then you can sign up on or you can sign up through your bank.  Please be sure to select the "Customer Information Management" or CIM option to enable "saved credit cards and recurring donations" and then Direct Post Method or DPM for one time use cards.   CIM allows your customers, members, donors, etc. to enter their account information once, and then it is stored on for future purchases.



  • Secured Payment Gateway

  • Merchant Account

  • Credit and Debit Cards

  • eChecks