Mentors play an important role in guiding and building up skills, confidence and overall character of their mentees. eMentorLife helps streamline the mentor mentee match process to reduce the Mentor and Mentee "shelf life" and providing tools to manage the Mentor/Mentee relationships. eMentorLife also assists mentoring organizations in their efforts to report on the effectiveness of their program and ensure the overall quality and safety of their program.
eMentorLife assists mentoring organizations in their efforts to:

SERVE - Increased number of people reached by reducing mentor screening time and costs,mentee wait list time and expand and track communications

GROW - Help new programs become established by automating the mentor reference process, enable web based application process, and track interests, gifts, talents and availability.

LEAD - Enhance Management of resources by assisting you in managing your funds & mentor time and reducing costs though automation

System features include:
  • Secured web based application—enabling secured access from any computer.
  • Configurable, enabling you to set up the system to your preferences, including:
  • Security that enables small to large ministries.
  • Creating web applications to enable mentors/others to apply on the web.
  • Capturing interests, gifts & talents as well as needs so that you can capture the information that helps you best serve your mentees and mentors.
  • Web based applications to capture mentor information and track them through the screening process.
  • Matching feature to assist you in matching mentors to mentees based on skills, needs, availability and more.
  • Ease the tracking of the mentoring process via automated notifications.
  • Expand communications via emailing groups and types of individuals (e.g., mentors, staff, mentees) in your database with email archiving.
  • Future release - automation of background checks.
  • Flexible reporting program to enable you to effectively manage your ministry.


  • Custom Web Applications

  • Matching Tools

  • Capture Skills, Interests & Availability

  • RSVP's