Do have some information that you would like to share on your website?  Is this information available to the public or just to your members or clients?  eWebLife has just launched a fabulous new tool to enable you to create as many “searchable records or databases” as you desire.  Whether you need to display a recipe collection, technical documentation or knowledgebase, or a “library of articles”, our eRecords module may be right for you.
Your customers, clients, members look to the internet to find information.  Providing information on your website drives people to your website to discover and learn, ultimately leading to increased sales of your products and services, increase in your memberships, etc. The more quality information you provide in an easy to search format, the longer people stay on your website and the more frequently they will return.  Increasing your website traffic/visitors, longer website visits, increased page-views, helps increase your website ranking to make it easier to find you (SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our eRecords module, eRecordsLife, provides a flexible records builder so that you can build as many public or private searchable databases as you desire.  As your records grow, and needs change, you can easily add new fields, to expand your database to meet your ever growing needs. You select what information is captured, searched (global keyword or field specific), and displayed to your public website visitors and to your logged in members, clients or customers.

In addition, our  you can create a web form to embed on your website and allow your clients, members, etc. to submit recommendations for your database, of which these submissions can be auto approved or await for your approval for publishing.

If you have a need for a searchable database, please contact us to learn more.

Features Include:

  • Dynamic Records Builder

  • Custom Records

  • Custom Search Results

  • Public and Private Searches

  • Global Keyword Searches

  • Field Specific Search

  • Map Based Searches

  • Web Record Submission Forms

  • Record Review & Approval