eConnectLife provides your organization with unlimited groups, or "eConnects" to enable your group communications. There is no software to download, no need to login to create an email. It is as simple as sending an email from your mail client to the desired eConnect.
eConnect Styles
Open Groups - Allow anyone to sign up - increasing your virtual marketing base. Monitored Groups - Enabling approval of eConnect subscribers - allowing people to sign up on the web, while maintaining control over who has access!

Private Groups Enables you to establish unpublished groups, allowing administrators or moderators full control over who is part of the eConnect.

Sending Capabilities
Designated Email Distributors - Limits email distribution to one or more administrators, moderators or subscribers!

Open Email Distribution - Enables all subscribers of a group to email the group. If someone is abusing the privilege - you may block their emailing capabilities.

Super Distributor - Allows designated administrators to send emails to all members of all email distribution lists, so that you can reach all of your people, without sending duplicate emails to each group (or to a person)!

Administrators - Individuals set up as administrators can set up new eConnects, manage all subscribers, add moderators and more.

Moderators - Individuals set up up as moderators can moderate one or more eConnects.

Marketing your eConnects
On your website - We provide code to insert into your website that will allow your website visitors to subscribe to one or more of your public eConnects.

Select Features

  • Open Groups

  • Private Groups

  • Designated Email Distributors

  • All Members Can Send

  • Easy to Use

  • Login Not Required

  • Web Registrations

  • No Software to Download

  • Text Messages