Dirt Doctor and TORC Websites

The new Dirt Doctor website takes advantage of our new advanced tools for accessing Dirt Doctor library and organic businesses, membership management, sending out Dirt Doctor e-newsletters, enabling membership benefits, and providing an integrated forum.  

In addition a separate website, for the Texas Organic Research Center (TORC) was launched, utilizing our advanced search tools for their Organic Resources, and eGiving for Donations.

Dirt Doctor Home Page


Features include:

Latest Update Widget pulling latest eRecords (library articles, news columns and newsletters).

Photo Rotator with both video and images.

Instagram Feed

Advertising with a mix of client sold and Google Ads.

Google Full Site Search and Translate.

Library Search

One of several "eRecord" search engines  - searching approximately 8000 records, and growing.

Each record is rendered on a web page and indexed by search engines for SEO. 


Membership Application form embeded on the Dirt Doctor website.

eWebLife provides ongoing invoicing, renewals, enabling of member benefits, and more.

Ability to target emails to current and expired members. 

Dirt Doctor Forum

Integrated open source Forum with eWeblife - providing the power of phpBB with the power of eWebLife.

Texas Organic Research Center (TORC)

Providing the latest Organic Updates!

TORC Donations

Enabling one time and recurring donations to Organic Research.


Our fully integrated email tool allows the Dirt Doctor to email newsletter subscribers, members and other targeted lists.

Interested in Learning about Organic Gardening and Rearch?