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Corporate partners

eWebLife is open to partnering with associations, web designers, and others for mutually beneficial opportunities.

Building on Success

Building for the Future

Maureen Vanacore and Andrew Royappa, the co-founders of eWebLife, have each had their own technology companies since 2000, and have partnered together on technology projects, including websites and web based applications for both non-profits and for-profit companies since 2003.  During this timeframe they made the following observations:
  • Many clients required the similar core features for their business or ministry or business.
  • Clients were using several systems to meet their needs, resulting in duplicate data entry, redundant and out of date data.
  • Clients tend to underestimate the ongoing costs of technology, after the initial investment.
A highly configurable Software as a Service (SaaS) approach would address the requirements of most clients, and would provide a secure, supported platform to address technology changes, and provide on-going enhancements to all clients as part of their monthly fee.

The Request - The Solution

It Began a with a Client Request and an Idea

Maureen was approached by a non-profit client about building a custom system to meet their mentoring, website, membership, and donation management needs, as well as the needs of their members.   She approached Andrew about starting eWebLife to build a single platform that would allow both non-profit and for-profit clients “pick and choose” the modules they need to meet their ministry or business requirements.   eWebLife was incorporated as a LLC - Partnership in mid-2009.   Our initial product was rolled out in a beta mode in late 2009.

Philosophy & Strategic Vision

High Quality Feature Rich Services

Our vision is to provide high quality, feature rich, IT systems and services on a SaaS based platform for small to mid-size non-profit and for-profit companies to meet their technology needs.  Our philosophy includes a:
  • Secure platform, to protect the intellectual property of our clients.
  • Modular approach to services to allow our clients to adopt one or more modules with the ability to add on new modules if needed, at minimal cost.  
  • Highly configurable approach to our features, to allow our clients to customize to meet their current and on-going needs.
  • Common platform, providing clients with not only bug support, but ongoing updates and enhancements to the various modules that they subscribe to. 


Treat Our Clients with Utmost Integrity & Respect - - Team with our Client for Success - - Quality Service


Are you a designer that needs a robust platform to build your websites on? Do you have a value proposition that can help our clients? eWebLife is open to partnerships that will foster relationships and provide better servicesfor our clients.