Our partnership with the Christian Association of Youth Mentoring (CAYM) was focused on providing a web based platform to help their members to effectively manage their mentoring ministries. 

 In addition, we were contracted to implement a new website for CAYM, as well as provide tools for donations, membership and event registration.  


CAYM desired a web based platform to assist their members mentor on-boarding, review and approval, matching, and ongoing oversight of the mentoring relationship.

The following were the key objectives of the platform:

SERVE - Increased number of people reached by reducing mentor screening time and costs,mentee wait list time and expand and track communications

GROW - Help new programs become established by automating the mentor reference process, enable web based application process, and track interests, gifts, talents and availability.

LEAD - Enhance Management of resources by assisting members in managing funds & mentor time and reducing costs though automation.

The eMentorLife platform has grown over the years  based on input from CAYM and its member organizations. 


Pledges and donations are critical to the ongoing operations of CAYM.

CAYM's donations are classified into 2 types; those that are in support of the overall ministry, and those that are in support of a CAYM team member. With that, CAYM required that each team member can login to manage their own donations, while not have access to other team members donors and donation information.  With eWebLife's robust security system, each team member access is limited to their own data.  CAYM leadership have access to all information, to oversee and manage the overall operations and donations.


CAYM needed a flexible tool to enable its members to join and gain access to various member benefits from CAYM.

eWebLife provides the ability to set up multiple membership levels including the first year membership of it's Faithful friends program at one price, with ongoing membership fees at a lower rate. 


CAYM desired a new website - to better convey their message and attract new members and donors.

Working with CAYM's web designer, we integrated the CAYM website with eWebLife's platform, providing integrated calendar, news, event RSVP, member applications and more.

CLICK HERE to learn more about CAYM - check out their website.