The Corporate Council on Africa was looking for a new website - as well as Micro-sites for their events and special needs.  

In addition, CCA uses our PRM, Membership, eRecources, Group Mail and eConnect modules.  
A key area for CCA is event management, a part of our core PRM module, the heart of eWebLife.


Program Pages


Member and Resources Search

News Page

Team Page


CCA wanted the ability to create Micro-sites for their events as well as other special needs.  The following shows examples of micro-site pages.  All event registrations, for public and private events, paid and free, are made on eWebLife.  
Micro-site Homepage

Micro-site Agenda Page

Microsite Event Registration Page


Interested in Expanding Your Business in Africa?

Let the Corporate Council on Africa be the bridge between your business and a new world of investment and opportunity in Africa.  Learn more about CCA and membership opportunities by clicking here