The "Green Template" has a variety of page options.   Please scroll down to view several of the page layouts. Please note our pages have flexibility; for example, the "Team Page" can be used for other types of content. 

This template was originally designed for one of our for-profit clients.

All For One Mentoring is a non-profit client who selected our "Green Template".  
All For One Mentoring also uses our eMentorLife platform to manage their mentoring relationships.


"Team Page"

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About All for One Mentoring

All For One Mentoring exists to come alongside the local church in order to raise up, screen, train, and support Christian role models for...
  • One To One Mentoring to the fatherless and motherless in their community.
  • Closing the Teen Loss Gap through a proven God-Friending system.
  • Rescuing Teens out of their addictions through Group Mentoring.
Click here to learn more about All for One Mentoring.